Video Intelligence Agent (Vi Agent) is the world's leading provider of open architecture, video analysis software. Comprehensive video analytics solutions offered by Agent Vi extend from real-time video analytics and video search alerts and business intelligence applications, and are fully integrated with a range of cameras, encoders and management video systems.
Based on Agent Vi's unique patented software, image processing over IP (IPoIP ™) software architecture - which distributes the task of video analysis between the camera and a server - Agent Vi solutions can support up to 200 cameras running a complete set of video analysis and functionality on a single server, while offering superior accuracy and detection performance.
Founded in 2003, Agent Vi has sales, distribution and research and development operations throughout the world. The company has demonstrated worldwide deployments in commerce, airports, railway centers, roads, education, critical infrastructure, public services, government, financial institutions and metropolitan markets (citizen oversight).
The integration of Agent Vi's advanced video analysis capabilities into existing or new surveillance networks allows users to benefit from the full potential of their surveillance networks, transforming them into intelligent tools that respond to the practical challenges of the 21st century.
Having a tool like Agent vi in your video system maximizes it since it allows you to receive notifications of important events that are happening in your surveillance area and in this way you can execute actions accordingly to correct or prevent damage to the protected places.
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