Environmental management system:
We offer APC NETBOZ environmental management systems and the wireless working brand with work in wi-fi ITOKII in all its versions with factory certified technicians, here integrated CCTV surveillance system is incorporated with: Humidity Sensors, Sensors of spillage of liquids, Notice of Opening of racks and doors of the room, Detection of movement, Monitoring of temperature and monitoring, these for example in case of an activity send a signal via email or SMS and also in line with the visual of the what is happening and remotely take action to the event.
ASM technical floors:
The technical floors of ASM and other lines incorporate the ability to make a floor height of 18¨ to 12¨ according to standard to be able to pass all or part of the wiring below it and create an isolated environment of interruptions, this also allows flooding of equipment given to the height of it and with easy access to any cable and continue expanding them.
Flame retardant ceilings:
We provide and install the Armstrong line, which are panels that retard the fire for up to 2 hours to prevent the crossing of fire, apart from being dustproof and practical for arming and disarming.
LED panels for Datacenter:
With our line Blusense and ProsLight we provide lights that are perfectly incorporated into the soffits in 2x2 and 2x4 with light calculations to have a perfect work and aesthetic lighting, energy saving and cold light to have less heat in the environment.
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