A video intercom allows you to identify people from the moment you talk to them while watching them from a monitor. It is an intercom equipment that has a camera built into the doorman that is responsible for sending the audio and video signal in color and with night vision to a monitor installed inside your home or office where you can see people who are They approach or touch the door; also has a button to activate the plate or electric lock, thus avoiding the risk of opening the door to strangers or unauthorized.
You can also communicate with other areas of your home or office; it is for this reason that a video intercom can be taken as a security measure for your home or business; And if you do not have such a system, it is still time to acquire one.
The intercom systems of Pro Services present the most innovative features, from a simple residential, commercial or industrial equipment to a complete equipment with central management that can filter calls from the main call plate.
Similarly in Pro Services we have video intercom systems that work with IP technology, this makes the solution extremely practical and flexible in its use and installation.
Our video entry systems can open electric locks, barriers and motors with the pulse button. We have systems for residences, businesses, large and small buildings and porter systems with central for the guardian.

We provide systems that work with the telephone of the goal to avoid the pulling of cables in the apartments and pipes, apart from helping in places that do not have pipes or they are obstructed.

The Pro Installer can provide video entry equipment that stores the image of the last people who called your home, record events by auxiliary cameras, open from your cell phone remotely, access with cards or proximity keychains instead of looking for keys in your wallet or vehicle.
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