IP Videoconference, a technical solution that allows to communicate in real time with one or a group of people located in far away places through audio, video and data, thus providing an experience similar to that of a face-to-face meeting.
The success of a business depends on the speed and integrity of its decision making, and having the right information in real time is a considerable competitive advantage. Videoconferencing allows time to be spent efficiently and effectively, by speeding up key decision making.
Pro Services offers the ideal commercial tool for visual communications and videoconferencing within the reach of any company, so we keep the vanguard with the changes of strategies and policies throughout the corporation without moving, or spending in high travel costs, holding long distance meetings from your own conference room via multipoint internet as if the other participants are present without any cost of international telephone calls. High resolution equal to a TV, high speed transmission, recording capacity of the meeting, encrypted communication to avoid hackers, option to share and send data and files, position of names, first sound.
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