The Pro Installer N.V. protects all types of premises with the detection and warning of fires with conventional systems and addressable and intelligent systems for offices, residences and factories.
The conventional systems are composed of indicators and annunciators devices that meet the characteristics required by the NFPA72 its control panel to be conventional does not specify the place or area where the alarm or type of alarm is generated. Our brands can integrate burglary and fire alarms with the same panel for small systems and associate them with the access control systems to open the doors in case of a conatus and take the elevator to the first floor for the use of stairs and exits of emergency.
The intelligent systems provided by us present smoke detection devices, heat detectors, flames and sparks detectors, duct detectors, indicators, both addressable and intelligent, of which we can know the exact location of the device that shot or needs maintenance. The announcing devices alert in case of an outbreak, in addition to functioning as indicators or guides of the evacuation routes.
The intelligent control panel is where you can immediately identify the location of the conato, relays programmable perform some action as a result of a specific device or group of devices that are activated, which could be automation of some procedure of response to the alarm as well as to help control the fire in specific areas (extinguishing systems, air conditioning, access control, activate the security entry by electrovalves to cut the power supply, disconnection of special equipment, cutting gas and fuels and those operations that are convenient and indicated by the client.

The Pro Installer has the distribution of the best brands in the world market and the NFPA certifications for the installation and design of any system, however small or giant it may be.

Early Detection System by Aspiration and Linear Detection


• Early detection by SAFE ASD aspiration without filters, low maintenance, early warning.
• Gas leakage detector by aspiration GLP, MONOXIDE, AMMONIA ETC.
• Heat Line Detection SAFE CABLE LHD a cable capable of detecting fire along 3,000 linear meters compatible with all analogous and digital panels.
• Linear heat detection by fiber optic SAFE FIBER can detect along 10 km with panels of 1 to 4 loops.
• PRO H2O linear water leak detector censa by means of a cable and gives the exact location of the leak.
• These, among many other censors, are available in the SAFE line

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