Man has always had the need to protect his territory. He built barriers to delimit his property. Currently and due to the increase in crime, an effective way to protect their heritage and physical integrity is through an electric fence with alarm.
The electrified fence is the only intrusion protection system that physically prevents the penetration of the intruder into the property.
These equipments have an advanced anti-sabotage system that prevents the fence wire from being cut or annulled. The system has all the authorizations of the law for operation, because it only causes a momentary shock of 14,500 volts at low amperage to stun the thief and does not continue that is what can cause harm to humans and animals and activates an alarm siren and notice to the central monitoring through the existing alarm or one that we integrate to increase security.


Our fence is built with a framework of aluminum wire lines support tubes and pass and corner insulators that support the wiring, this whole circuit is connected to an electronic control panel of up to 14.5000 volt lines. wire are connected as a closed circuit that is constantly monitored by the panel in case the circuit is opened, as for example by cutting a line immediately the sound alarm is activated and if programmed it will send an alert to your computer, tablet or cell phone, in case the intruder comes in contact with the fence will receive the discharge of an electric pulse of 14,500 volts and triggers the siren which scares the one who touched the fence and its partners.
Since the circuit of the control panel is electronic it is of low voltage of supply we speak of 12 to 24 volts and it can have backup power with batteries to avoid that in case of a power cut our environment is left unprotected.
Work in areas with trees and animals bypassing the fences.

The Pro Installer offers several forms of installations and integration with hundreds of devices such as lightning detectors, virtual fences, alarm systems, remote control on and off, etc.
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