A metal detector is the instrument that by means of a series of electromagnetic impulses is capable of detecting metallic objects. Currently these teams are part of the physical security controls, firearms and white control and quality control in companies that apply international standards such as ISO, HACCP, BRC, IFS, FDA ... among many others, and that are part of rigorous protocols whose purpose is to guarantee both the safety of their products and those of the machinery and personnel that manipulate them.
In The Pro Installer we offer all kinds of controls for the safety of companies, institutions, activities and others with Metal Detectors in arches of doors for interiors and exteriors from 1, 2, 6, 18 and 33 zones to special zones of 128, both manual with sound and / or vibration, Arches Metal Detectors for Doors with indication of lights of the corporal place where the weapon or metal is carried.
We also offer package bomb detectors with X-ray analytical systems, particle analyzers for trace drugs and traces of explosive organic matter, scanner systems for packages and boxes, X-ray scanner systems for people or bodyscans.
We represent several brands for a better solution: Ranger, Garret, Autoclear, L3, ZKTeco, Nuctech, among others.
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