The IP video network will allow us to handle both audio and video, which can be sent to any part of the world through an IP and be viewed by encrypted applications, which will allow recording or monitoring from anywhere in the world network. the administrators and users that the client allows.

A Video Network or IP-SURVEILLANCE is a system that has the ability to control and record video over an Internet IP (LAN / WAN) network through which the video can be transferred to any location in the world via IP, allowing monitoring , control and record the video from any point of the network. These have several levels of understanding for a better use of disk space.
To build the LAN network that is the structural basis of an IP system switches are used for new technologies these come with PoE ports this gives us a great advantage since it is only necessary to take a point to the camera that solves all your needs via of a single UTP cable (video, audio and power transmission on the same cable).

Similarly, the analytics are native to IP technology which makes a CCTV IP system is not only for video surveillance but is an effective tool for physical and industrial security: Suspicious Objects, People Loitering, Vehicles and people in the opposite direction. , Crossing of Lines and Fences, as well as market planning, sales etc.
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