The Theft and Panic or Intrusion Alarm System is something that should not be missing in any home or business, the monitor for you while you are alone or it serves to send a warning in case of the penetration of an offender, but its main objective is to prevent the intruder from entering your home, business or industry by activating an audible and visual alarm and notifying our monitoring center of all activities, be they alert or maintenance of the system.

Our brands are extremely flexible and the most recognized worldwide and are based on the latest line of security technology that is integration, in a world that at astonishing speed is making technologies obsolete and with such a wide range of options we have had that putting our eyes on how to simplify and integrate the possibilities of all our security systems is a big step in that sense, so our brands give us this possibility because they incorporate the latest technology to integrate fire, CCTV and theft in a same platform, trying to speed up communication via Ethernet, producing savings of time and money and giving us the possibility of making decisions via cell phone.
The Pro Installer offers wired and wireless systems with the aesthetics that your residence or business deserves. It has a programming level of more than 200 activities to specify the most specific user requirements which can detect:
Analog communication, GSM and IP
Armed, disarmed and panicked by wireless keychains.
Perimeter fences with combination of perimeter detectors or environment and electric fences.
CO2 flood
Gas leaks
Absence of energy
Telephone service cut
Evacuation notices, etc.
Activate the security setting by means of solenoid valves to cut off the electricity supply.
Disconnection of specialized equipment.
Medical and help alerts to the elderly or sick.
Automation of lights, equipment, air conditioners, etc.
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