In the parking spaces with restricted access Pro Services offers several solutions that with long range RF RF Radio tags at a distance of up to 12 meters can read the tag placed on the vehicle that recognizes that it is allowed to enter and remain in it, this too can be done by proximity cards or RF keychains with the receipt of a long-range reader that is in the vicinity of the entrance and exit of the parking lot.
We offer you innovative access control systems with plate recognition that can be incorporated into a camera system for vehicles that are registered can enter only with the reading of your plate as well as the output. These data are registered in a control program to register the vehicles that enter the premises and determine the schedule of these with their date of entry and exit.
Blacklists can be created at any time for the system to indicate an alert of a plaque that is being sought for robbery or a criminal act carried out with it. We offer systems with breakwaters, traffic lights, automatic balusters, barrier systems that support heavy trucks and are embedded inside the street and all kinds of parking accessories.
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