Access control systems are the most demanded safety and automation elements in today's world, thanks to technological advances, we have made the leap from manual and mechanical systems that are not very efficient and have a high operating cost due to the need of personnel to systems control of input and output fully automated with different types of technologies and devices ranging from code keyboards, proximity cards, to sophisticated bio-metric solutions from fingerprint readers and face recognition systems, voice, veins and of the retina.
To make an effective application of an access control system it is vital to carry out an adequate study, segmenting the zones, the access groups, the allowed times, the level of access of each user, measuring the number of people or cars passing through. each zone and clearly establish the objectives of each access control.
It is important to study and design prior to any installation and commissioning of a security project and access control. Proper integration of electronic devices with electromechanical devices will even drastically reduce personnel costs and project totals, even making an access control system literally pay for itself in a very short time.
The main applications of automated access control are for: Motorized access control Pedestrian access control Personnel control and assistance Warehouse control Office security Filtering of Employees and Visitors Restricted Access to Elevators per Floor.
Control of Inputs and Outputs
Greater Security and Control of the Public
Savings in Personnel Costs
Ability to Defer Project Cost Payments
Fast Return on Investment
Decrease in Registration Time
Improvement in Personnel Productivity
Allow / Restrict the Opening of Doors by time
Ensure the lives of people
The Access Control Systems of Pro Services are based on different presentation, reading, communication and security level platforms required. The access control systems allow the restriction of employees, residents and visitors to areas in which they are not desired by: schedules, privileges, unauthorized places, specific times, etc.
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